Elected Officers

Officers, 2011-2012

President: Lauren Lincoln, lauren.lincoln@wayne.edu

Vice President: Amanda Itria,  amandaitria@wayne.edu

Treasurer: Jared Natzke,  jnatzke@wayne.edu

Secretary: Jackson Radish, es1007@wayne.edu

 Information Officer: [open]

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Calvert

Scout Calvert was born in Arizona; grew up on a cattle ranch; briefly pursued a career in photography; and earned a master’s degree in Information Resources and Library Science at the University of Arizona. She earned a PhD in History of Consciousness, studying under Donna Haraway, Geoffrey Bowker, and other dedicated faculty across disciplines, and specialized in feminist theory and science and technology studies. Scout studies old and new technologies and media, recreational genomics, the cultures of genealogists and family historians, new family configurations in an age of assisted reproductive technologies, and the pure-breeding of domestic livestock. Her current research focuses on the production of particular kinds of American identities through the use of recreational genomics and genealogical databases, and how databases and pedigrees turn into meat. She lives with her partner in Detroit with too many cats, fixes her own truck, rides a vintage Vespa, and gardens in her free time.

Officers, 2010-2011

President: Lauren Lincoln

Vice President:Benjamin Miller

Treasurer: Katherine Bryant

Secretary: Ben Grimshaw

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Calvert

Officers, 2009-2010

President: Lauren Reile

Vice President: Lisa Rabey

Treasurer: Katherine Bryant

Secretary: Johnnie R. Blunt

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Calvert

Founders of the PLG-WSU chapter: Lauren Reile, Kathryn Bryant, Benjamin Miller, Johnnie R. Blunt, Damecia Donahue, Lisa Rabey, and Meghan Mott

PLG WSU is a radical collectively-run student based organization at Wayne State University’s School of Library Information Science. All officers are equal; presiding in an officer position is seen as a leadership role, and not a reflection of an organizational hierarchy. All officers have equal voice and responsibility. Duties and responsibilities within the organization are determined by the elected role.  For more understanding of the duties of each officer please reference our constitution.

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