Progressive Librarians Guild (PLG) WSU members come from a diverse set of backgrounds and specializations. PLG-WSU is a local chapter of the Progressive Librarians Guild. Each member participates in the group through democratic and open discussion, dissent, negotiation, and collective decision making.

As a collective, PLG-WSU members  support social justice principles; are interested in understanding, promoting, defending, and extending the discourse and social awareness of systems of oppression throughout libraries and archives.

The Progressive Librarians Guild is committed to:

  • providing a forum for the open exchange of radical views on library issues.
  • conducting campaigns to support progressive and democratic library activities locally, nationally and internationally.
  • supporting activist librarians as they work to effect changes in their own libraries and communities.
  • bridging the artificial and destructive gaps between school, public, academic and special libraries, and between public and technical services.
  • encouraging debate about prevailing management strategies adopted directly from the business world, to propose democratic forms of library administration, and to foster unity between librarians and other library workers.
  • critically considering the impact of technological change in the library workplace, on the provision of library services, and on the character of public discourse.
  • monitoring the professional ethics of librarianship from a perspective of social responsibility.
  • facilitating contacts between progressive librarians and other professional and scholarly groups dealing with communications and all the political, social, economic and cultural trends which impact upon it worldwide, in a global context.



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