Volunteer Opportunity: Cataloging Zines at the Trumbullplex

June 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

My fellow LIS students, PLGites, information activists and beyond,

Looking to get involved in your community? Have experience cataloging or want to get some?

The Zine Library at the Trumbullplex has a potential opportunity for cataloging their collection of zines in the Zine Library. Currently they do not have an organizational scheme or preservation plan. The collection is divided by subject and placedĀ  in their zine reading lounge.

Anyone that is interested in getting involved should either contact Lauren L. directly at: laurenlinc@gmail.com or through the PLG listserv: plgwsu@googlegroups.com We are looking to guage the interest in the project and coordinate a meeting with the Zine Library meetings on a Tuesday night. Please respond within a week or so if you are interested so that we can start moving forward.

It is not required to have experience in cataloging but it might help if you’ve taken a cataloging course. Otherwise I recommend becoming familiar with what other zine libraries are doing to provide access to their collection.

I personally find the model that is being followed at the Barnard Library by Jenna Freedman to be inspiring and informative. Check it out at: http://zines.barnard.edu/


Lauren L.

president, plg wsu


PLG meeting June 21st

June 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

The next PLG meeting will be held on June 21st in room 2318 of the UGL at 7pm.

Below is a draft of the agenda. If you plan on attending the meeting and have items that you would like to discuss that are not represented on the current draft please email: plg-wsu@googlegroups.com

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